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Our Board Members

Committed to the Cause

Since 1997, the vision and mission for a program like TOPASEF has been the dream, mission and vision that Sheri has been working toward one step at a time.  In December of 2017, we became a  Non profit! Achieving that goal was momentous!
A special "Thank You" to our current Board Members for making it possible!
We have 2 openings available.
If you feel you are a good fit and would like to join our Board, feel free to contact us below!

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Sheri The Organic Pet Lady

Executive Director / Founder

Sheri founded TOPASEF based upon a passion and love for animals, music and helping people!

Sheri has loved and worked with animals since the age of 3 and has worked within the community to make it a better place for animals and people over the years!

Andrew Rimes

Director of Operations

Andrew's experience with animals started early on in life!

Andrew grew up enjoying his time at

The Lake Metroparks Farmpark as the youngest volunteer with "The Light Horse Brigade" along with his Mom.

From a young age, Andrew was a popular salesman for the family business, "The Organic Pet" Special Diet Snacks for Horses, Dogs & Cats.

Andrew has gained a lot of experience over the years working with rescued cats, dogs and horses. Animals just love him!

Andrew is currently studying law.

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Cami Blanchard

Director of Communications

With us since our founding, Cami is one of our veteran team members.
She brings her years of experience working in communications, drama, comedy and horses to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.